Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008


Dear David,
Last 17th of august 2008 I´ve arrived from my second safari in South Africa, both with you as profesional hunter, and I can confirm that it has been a very nice safaris.
I can confirm that he know all farms where we hunted, very important to take a good resoults. All trophies that we hunted in my two safaries where very goods, and very important for me, it has been obtained "HUNTING".
As conclusion, I can confirm that when I hunt with you, it look very easy and you makes that one week, as my last safari, "unfortunately" past to much quickly!! I repeat is a very good experience hunting with you and you trucker.
I really, hope to return to hunt soon with you.
Best regards,

Alejandro Romero



Sent: 29 September 2008


I first met David Lloyd in 2004 when he was employed as a professional hunter for another company.  We spent a fantastic 12 days together and harvested nine great trophies.  David is an exceptional guide with great eyes for quality trophies and knows where to look for them.  After that experience I was determined to hunt with David again if I ever returned to South Africa. 

I was very happy for David when I learned he was going into business for himself with Chilumna Safaris.  My wife and I had the distinct pleasure of spending nearly two weeks with David in July and August, 2008.  David directed my hunting and our sight seeing.  We had a great time.

I had a short list of animals due to my prior trip to South Africa.  We were successful in getting all but two of the animals on my list.  Trophies I added to my collection included common springbuck, white springbuck, black springbuck and mountain reedbuck.  All were trophy quality animals.  As for the other two—I missed a steenbok and though we found plenty of cape grysbok—all were females.

A bonus trophy was added to my collection when David guided me into position after a lot of glassing and side hill stalk to take an exceptional klipspringer.  What a thrill!

David has access to quality game farms that offer excellent trophies.  He will not let you shoot an animal he would not take himself.  In addition, if you want to take a day or two off he can arrange deep see fishing, sight seeing and other activities.

I give David Lloyd and Chilumna Safaris my highest recommendation.  If I make a third trip to South Africa, David can expect to see me on his door step.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Steve Hendryx
, OR